Galaxii Craze’s mission and goal is to inspire, uplift, make you feel like the coolest human around and spread positive vibes throughout our world of Galaxii.

From The Galaxii Family

Coming from people who have always been “Too Much” as individuals, “Too Loud”, “Too Colourful” and “Too Weird” we have decided to show the world that “Too Much” is BEAUTIFUL, it’s COLOURFUL and it’s HAPPINESS.

 We are grateful to all the colourful souls wearing and loving the gorgeous apparel we have to offer and lighting up around the globe with a sick hand selected piece from our Headshop.

We are so fortunate to be able to have an impact on so many dazzling lives and allow them to be their crazy selves with our mind melting designs, essentially not only to blow your mind but make sure whenever you are in your Galaxii Gear or sharing a Galaxii Bubbler over a sunset, it brings a smile to your face.